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Our Story and Mission

Unlike other wine labels, we produce and sell our wine for a cause. We love animals and support them by donating 50% of every purchase to animal welfare charities.

Our wine is Vegan certified in Canada. It does not contain any animal by-products like those normally added in the traditional wine filtration process - we use clay-based material instead. This makes our wine both Vegan-friendly and environmentally-friendly as our processes do not rely on animals, their by-products, or their negative ecological footprint. We also use 1/10th the preservatives and additives than your traditional wine meaning you’re drinking more wine and less “other stuff”.

Because of this, you are:

Less likely to have an adverse reaction due to the lack of animal by-products

Less likely to have a hangover

More likely to metabolize the alcohol quickly

Blu Vegan Wine is brought to you by ToRefine Limited, both a social enterprise and the best vegan winemaker in Toronto, Ontario. ToRefine believes in being eco-friendly 

It’s fashionable and eco-conscious to choose the Vegan option, and you won’t be disappointed with the taste. Buy a bottle (or two) today - enjoy that refined taste and help animals in need.

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